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The Momentum to succeed

On Sunday, our colleagues at Metro published an article about Momentum’s business development programs. For 20 years Momentum has offered Calgarians the opportunity transform their lives through entrepreneurship. The results of these programs and the microloans that follow are incredible, for the business owners themselves and for the broader community.

Participants in our self-employment program, on average, more than double their income. And for every dollar invested in the program, between $7 and $19 is returned to the community.

The stories of individuals themselves bring the numbers to life. I cherish the relationships I have with our graduates, both as a customer and as friend. Momentum itself is actually a long-time client of Javier Carrascal’s Skylark Cleaning, the business featured in Metro’s story.

Go on and have a read. When you are done, tell me in the comments: What Momentum-graduate business are you proud to support?