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Growing a Small Business Through Strategic Planning

An entrepreneur ready to build her business found the tools she needed through Momentum's small business programming.

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Mon Dec 18, 2023 by Momentum Staff

Fiona is a behaviour analyst. Her business, Behaviourlytics, delivers programs to individuals who are struggling with their learning. The company specializes in generative instruction, early skill development, and academic curriculum design. Most of Fiona’s clients are on the spectrum, identifying as having Aspergers or Autism, and Fiona’s business provides support in all realms of learning. Her programs support clients to develop skills such as self-help skills, washroom skills, and math skills.

Fiona was at a stage in her entrepreneurship journey where she wanted to build her business. She knew what she wanted to do but was looking for guidance to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She was struggling to find the time to focus on the strategic work she needed to do to grow her business.

Fiona found out about Momentum through her massage therapist and enrolled in a small business program. She found that the program structured time for her to focus on creating a plan to grow her business.

“I needed to attend the sessions and go through my business plan and work on my business idea,” Fiona said.

When she first came to Momentum, she didn’t feel clear on what she was doing or where her business was going. She had a lot of ideas, but she didn’t know where to start. The program allowed her to see things clearly. She appreciated the cohort group learning that offered the chance to learn and connect with others. There were conversations that took place in the classroom that changed her thinking about business practices.

The key takeaway from the program for Fiona was the importance of planning.

“You need to have a plan written out somewhere, in some aspect, because [I realized] it was all in my head,” she said.

Fiona now carves time out of her busy schedule to focus on business planning.

After she completed the course, she incorporated and got connected with a lawyer and accountant. “I would recommend the program to others who want to start a business,” she said.

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