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Advocating for Students of Private Career Colleges

Our Policy team has been working hard to advocate for students of private career colleges.

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Wed Sep 20, 2023 by Momentum Staff

Our Policy Team's interest in exploring issues around private career colleges was inspired by our program participants who identified high student loan debt and poor job prospects as particular challenges following their experiences with PCCs over the years. The intent of our advocacy work is to identify the risks that PCC students face and propose consumer protection policy recommendations to make this training pathway a safer choice for all student consumers, particularly more vulnerable learners.

Read our report highlighting some of the issues PCC students have encountered: High Hopes, High Costs: Protecting Students at Private Career Colleges in Alberta

Read first-hand experiences of former students of Private Career Colleges: Private Career College Experiences in Alberta

Read a report by Global News: Calgary students warn of private career college misinformation, sales tactics, By Carolyn Kury de Castillo

Have you had a poor PCC experience or want to submit a complaint? Send an email to Alberta Advanced Education’s Private Career Colleges branch.

Thomas's story is one of many included in our report detailing private career college experiences in Alberta.