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We care. We care about each other, we care about our work, we care about relationships, we care about our community.

Four Momentum staff sitting around a low table, engaged in a discussion.
Rows of office desks on either side, with an open office door at the end of the corridor.
Momentum staff sit at picnic tables outside the Momentum building, enjoying a BBQ

We are a strong team.

The kind of team that has your back, and calls out the best in you. We are quirky optimists who laugh, celebrate milestones, crack jokes and share stories over meals. We are results-focused. We invest in what works and have the courage to try new things, knowing impact is achieved with time. We know our values, and we live by them. We are not perfect but when we can, we ride our bikes, buy local, recycle and compost. We make decisions together and pitch in to get things done. We are committed to inclusivity and belonging. We work with others who dream big. We believe that everyone has something special to offer. Together, we're a community of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. If this sounds like an organization you'd like to join, find our career opportunities here.

Four members of Momentum's board sitting around a table, having a discussion.
A man in a black shirt and a woman in a blue shirt and wide-brimmed hat show off vegetables picked from a community garden.

Current opportunities

A Great Place to Work®

Together, we're a community of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.

A sign with directions to various rooms and amenities, hung from the ceiling of the Momentum lobby.

What does it mean to be a Great Place to Work®?

It means the Great Place to Work Institute of Canada® has conducted a thorough, independent analysis of our organization, and awarded us certification as a Great Place to Work®.

A woman wearing a Momentum badge stands in front of the organization's front door, prepared to record a video highlighting Momentum's career opportunities.

Why work at Momentum?