Manage & Save Your Money

Learn how to save money, budget, reduce your debt, improve your credit, pay your bills on time, save for your future and increase your assets —even if you are living on a low income.

Our money-focused programs are great on their own, or to take with any of our other programs.

You can even earn while you learn!


How to Manage Money

Gain confidence in your finances by learning about budgeting, banking, credit, assets and consumerism during these free 2-hour workshops.

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Matched Savings for Adults

Earn while you Learn! Momentum matches the money you save while you learn how to manage your money in 6 to 12-month programs. You could spend your savings on: tools for work, training or education for a new job, education for your children, starting or expanding your own business, buying a home and more.

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Matched Savings for Youth

Saving can be tricky, but Momentum has your back. Momentum will match the money you save, which you can spend on: tools for work, training or education for a new job or starting your own business.

Matched Savings for Youth will teach you how to save and manage your money during 2-hour workshops twice a month for 9 months.

RESP Grant – StartSmart

Start planning for your kids’ education after high school.

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Money Matters

Individuals living with a mental disorder or addictions challenges can increase their financial literacy skills through one-on-one support and free financial education classes on budgeting, banking, credit, assets, debt-management and consumers.

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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching can help increase your confidence in managing your money and increase your financial wellness.

Available to participants who have taken a Money Management program

Tax Time Savings Program

Momentum and Aspire Calgary have partnered with community tax clinics, ATB Financial, and private donors to provide you with an opportunity to file your taxes – and earn up to $500 in this matched savings program!

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All Momentum programs are free.

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