Manage & Save Your Money

Learn how to save money, budget, reduce your debt, improve your credit, pay your bills on time, save for your future and increase your assets —even if you are living on a low income.

Our building is closed to the public but we are happy to welcome you as registered program participants and as a guest by appointment.

Matched Savings for Adults

Earn while you Learn! Momentum matches the money you save while you learn how to manage your money in 6 to 12-month programs. You could spend your savings on: tools for work, training or education for a new job, education for your children, starting or expanding your own business, buying a home and more.

Matched Savings for Youth

Saving can be tricky, but Momentum has your back. Momentum will match the money you save, which you can spend on: tools for work, training or education for a new job or starting your own business.

Matched Savings for Youth will teach you how to save and manage your money during 2-hour workshops twice a month for 9 months.

Savings App

Access money saving tips and an automatic savings tool at the same time! We’ve partnered with a savings app to give you access to resources no matter the time and place, that will help you to become a better saver. You can also earn cash rewards for reaching your goals.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching can help increase your confidence in managing your money and increase your financial wellness.

Money Matters

Individuals living with a mental disorder or addictions challenges can increase their financial literacy skills through one-on-one support and free financial education classes on budgeting, banking, credit, assets, debt-management and consumers.

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Virtual Money Management Workshops

Gain confidence in your finances by learning about budgeting, banking, credit, assets and consumerism.

Virtual classroom learning on zoom!

On Demand Money Management Workshops

Learn how to create a budget, pay down your debt, or how the banking system works, from anywhere, anytime. On demand money management workshops puts learning at your fingertips.

All Momentum programs are free.

Want to speak to someone in person? Call Momentum at 403-204-2694 for more information.