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Financial Coaching

Control your money, control your life and create your future with financial coaching!

Our free financial coaching program is available to adults who self-identify as living on a lower income in Calgary and area. We offer up to five one-on-one sessions. Financial Coaching can help increase your confidence in managing your money and increase your financial wellness. Participants will receive the support they need to make informed decisions to move their financial goals forward. Our team includes an Indigenous financial coach.

How does it work?

Momentum partners with people living on a lower income to help them take control of their money. In our financial coaching sessions, we are here to listen and get an understanding of what is going on for you, and what your financial goals are. We assist you to get there. We are here to keep you on track and to provide tools and resources when needed. We offer up to five one-on-one sessions.

Financial Coaching Program Success

  • "I am looking forward to the future. I can live better after learning this. I never planned or budgeted before. Back home there is no credit you just go with the flow and you don’t run out of money. I never budgeted until now. When I came to Canada I did the same thing [as before], but now I need to start to learn how to live in Canada."


    Financial Empowerment Program Alum
  • "I feel really good when we talk and things come to me. I mull things over and it doesn’t feel so bleak. I love the options and the resources. It isn’t hopeless."


    Financial Empowerment Program Alum
  • "This program is wonderful and amazing for people who want to start their budgeting journey. You don’t have to have any background or specific knowledge or requirements to be in the program. Sherry was extremely helpful. Thank you for not talking down on us."

    AL & KL

    Financial Empowerment Program Alum

Frequently asked questions

What is a Financial Coach?

What does a Financial Coach do?

How does it work?

Do you offer Financial Coaching to Indigenous Peoples?

I don't have extra money. Do I need financial coaching?

I don't have a job right now. Can I still book Financial Coaching?

What if I have a lot of debt? Can I still access Financial Coaching?

Can I take the program more than once?

What you will get from this course

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    Take-home resources

    You will be provided with planning tools, worksheets, and other resources to support you on your journey.

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Book a Session

Book a session with one of our trained Financial Coaches

What you will learn

Create a budget to plan your spending

Track expenses to understand what your money is doing

Create a debt-management plan

Create a savings goal

Is this program right for you?

Do you qualify?

  • You live in Calgary and area (or if you are Indigenous, Inuit or Metis living in surrounding Treaty 7 territory)

  • You are 18+ years of age

  • You currently identify as living on a low income

Financial Partners

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Financial Coaching

Control your money, control your life and create your future with financial coaching!


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