Get a Good Job

Are you trying to get a job, but finding it difficult? We know getting a job can be an uphill climb, and we can help you build the skills and get the support you need to continue on your path.

Trades Training

Are you dedicated to building a career in the skilled trades? Are you having trouble getting the skills and experience needed to start? This 6-month pre-apprenticeship program can get you started in the career of your dreams.

You could train to be a plumber, pipefitter, heavy duty technician, auto mechanic or carpenter!

Technology Training

Have you always enjoyed problem solving? Have you ever dreamed of a career in IT? Have you thought about working with computers? This 25 week program can get you started in the career of your dreams.

Technology Training for Young Adults

Looking for guidance for your future? Compass is a free program for youths aged 18 to 35 that can point you towards a career in technology or any other career of your dreams!

Technology Training for Women

Momentum’s AWS re/Start Program is committed to building opportunities for women in tech. Collaborating with Chic Geek and Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start, this IT skills development program prepares women for entry-level careers in the cloud.

Digital Marketing & Communications for Indigenous People

The Digital Dreamers (Pa’ pai tapiiksi) Training Program will introduce you to a meaningful career in digital marketing & communications, including creative & promotional copywriting, social media management, understanding analytics, and web design.

All Momentum programs are free.

Want to speak to someone in person? Call Momentum at 403-204-6194 for more information.