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Hire or Host

Hire a Momentum graduate or host a work-integrated learning opportunity. Our programs are designed to fill identified gaps in the trades and technology industries, and our participants are uniquely qualified to serve in-demand industry needs.

Two tech professionals work on a codebase together
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We connect great people to great employers.

Momentum has over 30 years of experience working with employers to change our participants' lives. Scroll below to learn more about hiring or hosting, click to explore our Trades and Tech programming, or contact us directly.

Hire a Graduate

Our trades and technology training programs are designed to answer identified gaps in the trades and tech industries. Our programs adapt as the industries change, and our graduates are uniquely qualified to serve those industry needs. When you hire a Momentum participant you are creating greater sustainability for families and communities. Empowering at least one participant through an employment opportunity can lead to greater personal confidence and economic stability, enabling and encouraging them to further learn, earn, save, and thrive.

A young person in blue coveralls and blue gloves works on car maintenance.

Host a Work-Integrated Learning Opportunity

Our participants are ready to change their lives and communities for the better. They seek not only work experience, but the opportunity to commit to an employer who recognizes their value and contribution to the job. We have partnered with more than 250 businesses for work experience and job placement. Ranging in size from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, these companies have helped over 900 individuals launch their careers in the trades and technology industries. - Duration and cost: 1 to 2 months, low or no-cost to employer. - Expectations: A safe and inclusive environment, mentorship opportunities, and guidance of participant work. - Outcomes: Minimal administrative commitment, no obligation to hire, but there is no cost to hire.

Two tech professionals work on a codebase together
A man in a green shirt and safety goggles uses a large saw in a carpentry workshop.

Benefits of Hiring or Hosting

  • "AJ has been really, really great to work with. He checks all of the boxes that we look for in a team member."

    Mark Tang

    LAN Solutions Corp
  • "We enjoyed working with Jones. He completes all his assigned tasks excellently, on time and has a very positive attitude to learning and working!"

    Lawal Shakiru

    Technology Helps
  • "The program has allowed us to find candidates that fit our company needs and also for them to see their future technical career."

    Jacky Tai

    IT Real Simple
Two mechanics work on a car with its hood raised up, in a mechanics shop.

Contact and More Info

Contact our Employment Facilitators for more information about hiring or hosting a participant.


For more info please call 403-204-2677, or email us today.

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Our Work-Integrated Learning Partners

We work with businesses in the community to provide program participants with the on-the-job experience they need to enhance their skills and build their careers.

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Other Employer Partnership Opportunities

There are many opportunities to support our participants such as advisory boards, offering labour market insights, hosting industry talks, and conducting mock interviews! We would love to hear from you.