We are grateful for the genuine connections between our participants and volunteers and for our graduates who become volunteers themselves.

At Momentum, we are thankful for skilled volunteers who contribute their time and unique skills to further our goals of creating greater sustainability and prosperity for all Calgarians.

Through our volunteers at Momentum, we have been able to achieve the following together:

  • Seeing over 100 dedicated volunteers donate over 1500 hours of their time to help Momentum achieve our mission annually
  • Providing opportunities to volunteers to hone and contribute their unique skills while learning how Community Economic Development is being practiced in our city
  • Creating a positive impact within the community by assisting others to build sustainable livelihoods
  • Making an effective and appreciated contribution to the community and the work done towards poverty alleviation

Current Volunteer Opportunities


Propellus and the City of Calgary are also great resources for current listings of volunteering opportunities with other Calgary-based organizations.
We encourage you to check out the available options nearest you.