We take pride in offering meaningful volunteer opportunities and genuine connections between our participants and volunteers.

At Momentum, we are always seeking skilled volunteers who can contribute their time and unique skills to further our goals of creating greater sustainability and prosperity for all Calgarians.

By volunteering at Momentum, you may have the opportunity to:

  • Join a dynamic group of over 150 dedicated volunteers who donate over 1500 hours of their time to helping Momentum achieve our mission annually,
  • Hone and contribute your unique skills while learning how Community Economic Development is being practiced in our city,
  • Help create a positive impact within the community by assisting others to build sustainable livelihoods, and
  • Make an effective and appreciated contribution to your community and the work being done within it.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Application Form

  • If you are interested in any available opportunities that may not be listed above, please write, "Any available."
  • Why are you interested in volunteering with Momentum?
  • What skills and/or experience do you think you could contribute to a volunteer position with Momentum?
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Our amazing and talented volunteers have filled all other available opportunities at this time.

While volunteer positions may not be immediately available, we would still love to hear from you! If you have a unique skill set and would be interested in volunteering with Momentum, please sign up for the Volunteer Mailing List or send your resume to volunteer@momentum.org to be contacted when new opportunities arise. Thank you for your interest!

Add your name to the volunteer mailing list

Propellus and the City of Calgary are also great resources for current listings of volunteering opportunities with other Calgary-based organizations. We encourage you to check out the available options nearest you.