Matched Savings for Youth

Do you want to save for school or need money for textbooks? Maybe you need to buy tools for work or want to start your own business?

Matched Savings for Youth will teach you how to save and manage your money during 2-hour evening workshops, twice a month, for 9 months. Momentum will match the money you save 4:1, which you can spend on tuition, textbooks, a laptop for school, tools for work, RESP, RDSP, or starting your own business. If you save the maximum $50/month for 9 months, you will have $450 of your own funds and $1,800 of Momentum’s funds. That’s a combined savings of $2,250 towards your future!

If you are over the ages of 16-24, our Matched Savings for Adults programs may be for you!

9 months
Learn the skills

  • Make your money go further
  • Save for the things you really want
  • Start building credit
Do you qualify?

  • You are between 16 & 24 years old
  • Your household income is under the Low Income Cut Off (see chart below)
  • You are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You live in Calgary and area
Get Started

Maximum income levels, before tax:

Household SizeMonthlyYearly
1 person$ 2,662.04
$ 31,944.49
2 persons$ 3,314.10$ 39,769.14
3 persons$ 4,074.28$ 48,891.39
4 persons$ 4,946.68 $ 59,360.14
5 persons$ 5,610.48$ 67,325.71
6 persons$ 6,327.61$ 75,931.27
7 or more persons$ 7,044.90$ 84,538.79

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