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June is National Indigenous History Month

In June we honour the original stewards and custodians of this land through continued learning and engagement with Indigenous communities.

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Tue May 28, 2024 by Momentum Staff

A mural of two Indigenous women touching foreheads in front of several tipis labeled with different insignias.

At Momentum, we’ve committed to becoming a trusted partner in Truth & Reconciliation with Indigenous communities. We have a lot to learn, and we continue to build staff and Board participation in learning events, exploring how oral traditions can enhance the way we deliver programs, and connecting with Indigenous colleagues and communities across Treaty 7.

Our Indigenous Engagement Working Group (IEWG) is a committee that nurtures our Indigenous Engagement Strategy, adapting it according to the evolving needs of the Indigenous communities we collaborate with. Elements of this strategy include engaging with Elders and Knowledge Keepers, learning and applying teachings to our organizational culture, participating in learning events, and building relationships with Indigenous agencies.

This June we are encouraging staff to attend or amplify events taking place on National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21st) and throughout the month. Here are some listings where you'll find all kinds of ways to honour, learn about, and participate in Indigenous culture and teachings:

Aboriginal Awareness Week Listings

Listings on Eventbrite

Events listed by Avenue Magazine

The City of Calgary, National Indigenous History Month Events

We hope you find several ways to celebrate Indigenous communities, and as we revel in the warmer weather throughout the spring and summer, let's all remember to honour the original stewards and custodians of the land we all share and enjoy.