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Momentum's Indigenous Engagement Strategy Refresh

Past or present participants, community collaborators, Momentum staff and board members are invited to join us in refreshing our Indigenous Engagement Strategy.

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Mon Jun 24, 2024 by Momentum Staff

Bundle including Momentum's Indigenous Engagement Strategy, wrapped in a Blackfoot blanket.

Join us for an open and inclusive circle as we share information regarding the refresh of our Indigenous Engagement Strategy. We value the insights, experiences, and perspectives of our community and invite staff, board members, participants (past and present), and community members to contribute to shaping our future strategy.

These circles require all participants to first read our current Indigenous Engagement Strategy prior to the circle. During the circle, we will ask those participating to share:

  • What aspects of the strategy resonate with you?
  • What challenges have you observed?
  • Where do we excel, and where can we improve?
  • What ideas do you have for the new strategy?

Circle Guidelines:

  • Listening: We encourage active listening and respectful dialogue.
  • Courageous Space: We will generate safety for sharing. All voices are valued.

Let’s work together to refresh and create an inclusive and impactful Indigenous Engagement Strategy!

Circles will be hosted throughout July and August. Contact our Indigenous Engagement Coordinator to attend.