As part of Momentum’s dedication to serving our community we are committed to listening to concerns and welcome any and all feedback—positive or negative—regarding our services. This feedback will assist us in improving our services, procedures and policies.

Negative feedback, or complaints, are an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions, or lack of action by Momentum as an organization, or a staff member or volunteer acting on behalf of Momentum.

If you have a complaint, Momentum commits to:

  • Reviewing the complaints fairly in a manner that is impartial and respectful to all parties,
  • Resolving the issue in a timely fashion,
  • Providing you with updates in the process,
  • Communicating with you any decisions relating to the complaint.

If you have an existing relationship with a Momentum staff person or volunteer, we encourage you to first bring your complaint to the attention of that person to attempt to resolve it one-on-one. Note: Momentum has a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse of staff.

You may submit your feedback or complaint to Momentum using one of the channels below. Complaints and feedback through these channels will be sent our risk management staff lead at Momentum, who will assign the complaint or feedback to the appropriate Momentum staff member for follow up (as required).

403 272 9323

mail or in person

100 – 525 28 St SE
Calgary, AB T2A 6W9

by email