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Yummi Yogis on fostering connections in Thrive Accelerator

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Thrive is a community leadership initiative of Momentum. Thrive has a strong network of partnerships to reach real people,  create real opportunities and champion real change.

Nikki Brule is an alum from the Spring 2018 Accelerator cohort. In her time with this free 16-week program, she’s been able to foster deeper connections within her community and fellow social entrepreneurs, find ways to increase the social impact of her business, a sustainable food truck called Yummi Yogis, and get a better handle on her finances as a small business owner through a series of classroom sessions and one-on-one business coaching.

Think you have what it takes to fast-track your financial growth and social impact? Join the Fall 2018 Accelerator cohort today.

Learn more about Thrive’s Accelerator program.


This blog post is cross posted with Thrive Calgary.