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YOU Should be the Boss of YOUR Money!

Sometimes we think “it’s not worth the time” or “it’s only a few dollars” when it comes to changing behaviours around saving money. But with a little effort here and there, we can accumulate huge savings that could be better spent paying off debt, investing, or adding to our emergency fund. Here are a few examples of small changes we can make that add up to be BIG savings!

  • Pay attention to where you are getting your gas! $0.05 a litre savings doesn’t seem like much for one fill-up but imagine if you saved that 5 cents on EVERY litre EVERY time you got gas. Check out GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas in your local area.
  • Take advantage of offers where you are already shopping. For example, if you are already getting your groceries at Safeway or Sobeys, make sure to plan your most expensive shopping trip to go the first Tuesday of each month. Safeway/Sobeys offers 10% off your groceries (with a minum purchase of $50) on the first Tuesday of every month. Check out the offers or coupons at your store!
  • Cut back on the low-fat, half-sweet, extra hot, no whip, triple shot, 2 pump, frappa cappa whatevers! Those speciality coffees or fancy cold beverages could be costing you hundreds of dollars per year. At an average cost of about $5/drink, try and cut back and save those sweet treats for special occasions.
  • Look at changing utility providers. Have you been with the same electricity or natural gas provider forever? Most of us just assume that we are getting the best rates if we have been a customer of our utility company for a long time. Understand your energy bills and even check out a cost comparison tool here.

These are just a few ideas that you can easily incorporate to start a new saving pattern. There are hundreds of websites, ideas, and tools online for support in changing our behaviours when it comes to spending or saving money. With a little time, effort, and commitment, you could start your own pattern of savings and become the BOSS of your money!

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