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What’s your Why?


Each person has their own reason as to why they give of their money or time to a charity. Each “Why” is different, and each is equally significant and impactful for the person hoping to make change in the world around them.

Being new to Momentum, I was curious to know more about why our donors choose to invest in us.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel Bryant, a generous donor to Momentum, who was willing to share her “Why” and what inspires her to give.

Rachel kindly hosted me at her home for this conversation. We sat down at her kitchen table and I asked her the big question I was curious about: why do you give to Momentum?

Without hesitation, Rachel started off by expressing her interest in financial literacy and microlending.

She observed the power of microlending during her time in Colombia with Opportunity International, and it was her parents who helped her understand the value of financial literacy.

“I was raised by parents who work in Accounting, talking about money at the dinner table was normal” Rachel said.

When I heard this, it made me reflect on my own experiences at my family’s dinner table. Conversations flowed, and topics varied, but one topic in particular was never brought up: Money.

“Financial literacy is not something that’s often shared or taught,” Rachel stated. However, growing up with parents who were in accounting gave Rachel the opportunity to build invaluable skills in financial literacy from an early age. She invests in Momentum to ensure others have access to the same financial education as she did.

Aside from her interest in financial literacy and microlending, Rachel’s faith and spirituality is another strong driver for giving. Charitable giving was instilled in her as a child. Each time she was given an allowance, she was encouraged to give a third of it to charity. Yes, a third! This practice has grown with her and the habit of prioritizing charitable giving remains with her today.

As I look back on my conversation with Rachel, I felt moved to think about my “Why”.

I think back to the trades graduation that I attended last month at Momentum. A small classroom was packed to the brim with supportive family and friends of the graduates of the Automotive and Heavy-Duty Mechanic program. The energy in the room was buzzing and the sense of pride from each of the graduates was shining through on their faces. I observed the camaraderie and brotherhood amongst them. They exchanged pats on the back, laughter, inside jokes, congratulatory applause and words of encouragement. Together they reminisced on the 6-months of hard work and looked forward to the new opportunities ahead.

My “Why” and the reason I give is because of the community a program like this creates and the sense of optimism it provides someone to build a future for themselves and their families.

Why do you give? I challenge you to ask yourself the same question.

Are you thinking about making a gift this giving season? Since Rachel is no stranger to charitable giving, she suggests discovering what you are passionate about and find what you believe in. Ask yourself, “What do I care about?”. That’s the beginning of your “Why”.