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Direct traffic to your website in 5 steps (part 2)

In last week’s post, we discussed the first three steps in directing traffic to your website: Know your target market, have a marketing funnel on your website and use keywords. Today, you’ll learn the final two steps in directing traffic to your website and thus increasing your sales.


No one reads BLOGS anymore. No one opts into NEWSLETTERS. People want something of value that will help them. So if you have a blog on your website, that’s awesome, just call it something else. Tips, hints, best practices, resources, articles are some titles you could use instead of blog. The purpose of the blog is to set yourself as the expert in the field and to increase your SEO (search engine optimization). So write content that your potential client will find useful. In that content, use some keywords in the title of the article, the first sentence and the last sentence of the first paragraph, and again at the end of the article. If you’re not using keywords, you’re not increasing the chances of directing traffic to your website. The keywords are what will increase your SEO (chances of getting noticed on Google).
Oh, you don’t need a separate domain name to have a blog. A blog should be on your regular website, since the whole purpose is using keywords to direct traffic to your website. Simply, you have your blog as another page on your site where you add posts.
Remember, write content that your readers want to read. Use keywords.

Step 5: POST

You have super awesome content that your potential customers want to read. Now what? This is what you then post on your social media channels. Remember, you only need to be on the channels your customers are on. Let’s say you are posting on your Facebook page. First of all, make sure it’s your business page you first post to, then you can share that page on your personal page. In that post on Facebook, write something that will grab the readers attention that hits some sort of emotion. For example, “If you’re looking to grow your sales online, check out the latest tips on directing traffic to your website.” Then you post the short link (will describe that in a second), which will link back to your website and you have now directed traffic to your website!!! The short link is not the full URL, but you can use bitly.com or other online tool to shorten up the link so it’s not so long and takes up many characters.
You may be wondering how often you should blog and post. I bet you’ve been thinking that the whole time you’ve been reading this. I understand. You are busy. So what’s the time amount required to grow your online business? If you are new to directing traffic to your website using keywords and blogs, you should start by blogging (writing content) 4-6 times a week for 2 months. Overload Google with your awesomeness! Then you can slow down to 2-3 times a week for a couple months, and you can either keep it at that regular interval or decrease to once a week. The key is to be consistent. Also, you don’t have to post on social media 10 times a day either. If you post at 8am and 8pm each day, that’s great, just do it consistently. Be on social media when your target market is online (always back to the target market).
Using these 5 steps to direct traffic to your website will help you grow your sales. Be consistent. Write stuff yourself and have fun watching your website sales grow!

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