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Ushering in the new economy

Momentum is the home of Thrive, Calgary’s community economic development (CED) network. In 2015 Thrive will offer high quality CED learning opportunities to people who care about creating a local economy that works better for more people. Just before the holidays, my colleague Barb Davies and I chatted to Michelle Strutzenberger from New Scoop about the new direction, to create the article “Ushering in the new economy at the local level”. New Scoop is Calgary’s news co-op, using generative journalism to explore and share stories of our thriving city. The site is filled with stories about the new economy emerging in Calgary. Many of the people featured in these stories are members of the Thrive network and graduates of the Simon Fraser University Community Economic Development certificate program which was hosted by Thrive in 2014. What would you like to learn more about in 2015? How can Thrive help you reach your community economic development learning goals? Please, leave a comment below.

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