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Trades Training Year in Review

Dear Momentum community,
This year has been a busy year for the Trades program and we would like to share with you some of the highlights.
The first program of the year was Carpentry, starting in February. We had a smaller, but eager group of participants, each of whom shone through the program. We are so happy to report that every single participant in this group increased their pre-program to post-program academic level; four participants increased their level by more than 20 per cent! The group had a wonderful summer graduation and as of October, every single participant in the program is working full-time in the Carpentry field. We’d like to also mention that 2 participants of this group are women!
The second program of the year was the combined Pipefitting-Plumbing program comprised of 12 very hard-working and willing participants. In this group, every single participant increased their academic level and every single graduate passed the entrance exam. What was incredibly exciting about this group is that two employers—Botting and Mystique—hired 10 participants immediately and those participants skipped the work experience portion of the program. One participant was placed in work experience with Enerflex, and was eventually hired. We are so thrilled with these results.
Finally, we would like to update you on our current group, Heavy Duty Technician, which began at the end of September. This group has been working very hard in class and attendance has been exemplary. This group will be writing the entrance exam in the year, once they have started the SAIT component of the program in January.
On another note, at the beginning of the year, Lacey Neily was hired as our new Employment Facilitator. She has worked hard to get up to speed quickly to understand the needs of our participants and to strengthen our relationships with employers in Calgary.
We are proud to share the excellent academic and employment outcomes of the Carpentry and Pipefitting-Plumbing groups. We cannot express enough how important your time is to the success of our participants in achieving those outcomes. When a participant enters our program, it is a rare time in their lives where someone can work with them and invest this energy into their improvement; someone who is sitting in their corner! It translates into the outcomes listed above. On behalf of our participants, and the Trades Team, thank-you so much for all your hard work and dedication to our program.
Looking to 2015, the Trades Program anticipates running four program streams with February, March, May, and September start dates. We hope that we can continue to work with you in 2015.
Happy Holidays from the Trades team—we wish you happiness and health for the New Year!