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Teaching Your Kids About Money: Start Early, Start Now (part 4 of 4)

**this post is the last in a series of four posts on teaching your kids about money**

Use Cash and Count it Out

When making small purchases pay with cash and coins and count it out with your kids. Money is such a virtual concept these days with credit and debit card swipes and taps. This practice reminds kids that math is important for real life money transactions. When making these purchases you can also talk about comparison shopping with your kids, what does the name brand item cost in comparison to the no name item? It is really worth it?
When we would go to the corner store, my dad would pay with cash and have me count it out, so I understood how math was useful in real life and how much things cost. Not only did this increase my mathematical skills, it taught me things cost money and that some I could afford and others I couldn’t unless I saved more and waited to buy them.
I hope you have enjoyed this four part series on teaching your kids about money.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please share them below.

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