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Tax Filing Resources Everyone Should Know

In Part 1 of this series on tax filing, we talked about key dates for tax year 2020In this second part, we talk about free resources available online, whether you plan to file taxes on your own, or get help. For even more resources, check out this list from Vibrant Communities Calgary. 

File your taxes, even if you didn’t earn much

Sometimes people think that if they have a low income (or didn’t earn any income), they don’t need to file an income tax return. Actually, filing your taxes is one of the best benefit applications you can complete. When you file your taxes, you are automatically considered for federal and provincial government benefits such as the GST/HST credit. This is extra, free money and benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

Should you file your own, or get help from a tax clinic? 

In our webinar, “Should I File My Own Taxes”, we talk about different tax situations that would make it easy or difficult to file on your ownFor example, people who do not own property or investments will have a much easier time. It’s best to involve a tax professional if you are worried about making major mistakes on your return.

How to find free virtual tax clinics

Help is still available to get your taxes filed, although in-person appointments may be limited. 

Some agencies, like our partner Sunrise Community Linkare now ready to help people via phone or email. You may also want to ask if the tax clinic offers a drop-off and pick-up method for your paperwork 

For other volunteer tax clinics near you, view this list. 

Filing on your own? Tax filing resources available online

Filing on your own? Tax filing resources available online

Webinar: Filing your 2020 taxes 

If you decide that you do want to file on your own, prepare yourself with our taxes webinar recording. Bonnie McIntyre from the CRA was our guest presenter, and answered many frequently asked questions. 

Free tax filing software online 

Once you’re ready to file, download a free, or pay what you can tax software, like Simple Tax or Studio Tax.  When you are finished, submit your tax file online using NETFILE. 

Canada Revenue Agency online resources 

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) also has their phone lines open to assist with your tax questions. Find the full list of CRA contact numbers here. 

If you’re wondering specifically about when your return will be reviewed, know that you can view expected processing times online for your taxes and different applications.

Now that you’re done filing, set up direct deposit

Our best tax filing tip? Set up direct deposit with the CRA to get any expected refunds fasterThis can be done through My Account. 

A tax refund is also a great time to start putting money aside, even just $40If you join the Momentum Savings Challenge on the QUBER app, each time you save you’ll earn cash rewards. Quit at any time, or keep going to earn more (up to a maximum of 10 months)You’ll also automatically qualify for QUBER’s Save to Win grand prize.

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