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Taking a new path

David has worked in the Oil and Gas field for over 14 years and his job had taken him throughout Europe until he landed in Calgary on a work permit. David and his family were enamored with the city and decided to call it home. Their immigration status got approved and they bought a house in the city.

But then oil prices took a dip and the company that David worked for didn’t have as many projects, so David made the hard decision to leave. “I didn’t want to get paid without doing very much,” he says.

David searched for a job for six months with little success.

“In the beginning I was really focused on getting a job in oil and gas for obvious reasons, and it didn’t turn out well,” he says. He went on a couple of job interviews but didn’t find a fit. “I didn’t want to leave Calgary for the job, like go to Grande Prairie or Edmonton, because of my family. My kids are still young, and my wife is still learning English, so we didn’t want to leave the city. Who doesn’t like Calgary?”

Contemplating going in a new direction, David saw a poster for Momentum’s Automotive and Heavy-Duty Technician training program. The post piqued his interest, especially in being able to work with his hands. He quickly enrolled.

David found the program to be a bit challenging, having not been in school or in a classroom for many years, but enjoyed his time in the program.

“It was a good time and it was super valuable.”

David did his work placement at a trailer company and they were so pleased with his work that they offered him a full-time job. It’s been invigorating for David.

“It’s great work and it’s totally different. For the past 10 years, I’ve been working in an office and haven’t felt motivated other than to get paid. I’m now in a workshop, doing physical work and getting dirty! I get to learn new things and I’ve proved to myself that I can do something new. That’s a great feeling,” David says.

Are you looking for a new path? Momentum’s Automotive and Heavy-Duty Technician is accepting applications. Learn more here.

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