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Take Action: Share your support for secondary suites in Calgary

It’s no secret that rents are high in Calgary. When you build your monthly budget, there’s a good chance that one of the biggest expenses you have is for housing. And if you or a friend live in a basement or section of a home, I have bad news: You might live in an illegal suite. That’s because secondary suites, as they are called, are not permitted in many areas of Calgary.
In Calgary’s hot housing market, there are very few legal options for a rental budget of $1000 or less. This means that in spite of the big rental payment you make each month, you don’t have the rights of other tenants in the city. If the landlord is controlling the heat, delaying repairs or ignoring safety concerns, your only option is to live with it, or move out. The situation is unfair and degrading.
Luckily, a very important vote is coming up at City Council that could change the rules and make it easier for secondary suites to be built and regulated. I hope you will choose to participate by sharing your support. It only takes one minute.
Add your voice now!
I don’t have to tell you why it’s important that secondary suites be legalized, because I’m sure you know already from your own experience. Here are three reasons why legalizing secondary suites is important to us at Momentum:
1. Secondary suites are a safe, market-driven and practical solution for the housing affordability and availability crisis in Calgary.
2. Currently our City Council has to debate each secondary suite application one-by-one. It’s a waste of Council’s time and an invasion of the applicant’s privacy.
3. People will only move to Calgary and stay to work or study if they can find a place to live.
We want to live in a city where each of our program participants, neighbours, friends and family live in a safe and legal home. If you share our view will you please let your city councilor know?
If you want to see our official letter of support for secondary suites, you can read it here.

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