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Designs on the 2014 Calgary Home + Design Show

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Recently, I was wondering around the Calgary Home + Design Show, browsing booths of the latest trends and gadgets for the home, treating myself to some dairy-free gelato from the Fiasco Gelato food truck (so delicious) and hoping to catch a glimpse of HGTV host Bryan Baeumler as I have a weakness for do-it-yourself (DIY) and renovation shows. Sadly, I didn’t see Bryan Baeumler but in mid-spoonful of gelato, I spotted local design celebrity Tasleem Jessani, Lead Designer at Mango Tango Interiors.
Tasleem was tapped by the Calgary Home + Design Show planners to be the lead designer on the lounge space by the main stage at the show and gave attendees design advice in the “Ask a Designer” series.
Of course, I made it a point to go and check out the lounge space. Having never seen Tasleem’s work first hand before, I wasblown away with her attention to detail.
Check out a couple of her lounge designs:
girl sitting on chairGirl with plants
I wasn’t able to get time with Tasleem for an “Ask a Designer” session, but when I chatted with her afterwards I learned just how wide the variety of design questions and concerns can be. Tasleem fielded questions everywhere from what shade of beige would be best for a room to how to decorate their entire house to advice on putting up velvet wallpaper.
I like to think that I benefitted from all the questions other people asked after the fact!
Needless to say, I really enjoyed my time at the Calgary Home + Design Show and running into Tasleem was the icing on the decorative cake. Not only is Tasleem an amazingly talented interior designer and entrepreneur, she is also a graduate of a number of Momentum programs, including ABC’s of Small Business, the Self Employment program and Savings Circles.
On top of the programs Tasleem was taking at Momentum, she was also working on finishing up her Design Studies program at Mount Royal. I’m not sure when she slept during that time but all that hard work has obviously paid off!
Since graduating from all of these programs, Tasleem has been an active member of the Momentum and Calgary communities. She volunteers with Momentum every chance she gets and she, and Mango Tango Interiors, are members of REAP (Respect for the Earth and All People). And, I’m sure that there are a number of other things that she is involved with that we didn’t have time to talk about.
Running into friends is always fun and it is all the more exciting when I get to hear how successful they have been since I last talked to them.
Congratulations Tasleem on an amazing job at the Calgary Home + Design Show. I can’t wait to see where your designs show up next!

Looking for a designer to help bring your home to the next level of beautiful? Check out the Mango Tango Interiors website for details or check her out on Twitter, Facebook
According to the Calgary Home + Design Show website:
Tasleem Jessani, lead designer at Mango Tango Interiors, strives to achieve a balance of individuality, sustainability and versatility in every project she oversees. Her holistic approach to design, which takes into account her clients’ diverse needs and vision, comes from years of experience living and working internationally, which has given her a unique understanding of how different cultures approach design. “Anywhere you spend time, the experience should offer you continuous growth, suit your needs and reflect your values,” she says.
Learn more about the programs that Tasleem took at Momentum: ABC’s of Small Business, Self Employment & Savings Circles.
Learn more about REAP and browse the local member businesses.