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Support Drool Pawtisserie! Guest Blogger: Jennifer Roy

Did you know that over 10% of cats and dogs live with allergies? Some allergies are environmental and can be controlled with Benadryl or prescribed vaccines, however, the more difficult allergies to deal with tend to be food related. Stomach, intestinal, and immune issues can be affected dramatically by what our pets eat. In fact, our own dogs had serious intestinal issues which were resolved all thanks to a raw diet!
Baking treats at home became a norm because it was difficult to find treats our dogs could eat. This naturally evolved into our new business, Drool Pawtisserie. We make healthy, gourmet treats such as gluten free biscuits and muffins made with high quality ingredients – crab claws, sirloin tip, and/or bacon. We believe that healthy does not mean it should not be yummy!
Pet parents in general are becoming savvier. They are learning what terms like “meal” and “byproduct” mean and they do not like them. If their dog or cat does not have allergies or health issues, they want to keep it that way. Their focus is on a longer life with more quality and fewer visits to the vet.
The big pet food companies are starting to see the writing on the wall. They began to produce their own natural lines, but this has not been very successful as the truth has started to come out about their ingredients. Their latest plan is to buy up smaller, reputable companies but customers will not stay loyal to a brand that does not continue with its commitment to their pet’s health and wellbeing!
We’re proud to say that Drool is growing and building.   We have a crowdfunding campaign with ATB’s new Alberta BoostR for Alberta based small businesses. You can help us expand our kitchen equipment while enjoying great Drool treats and swag by supporting us here: Drool Pawtisserie BoostR Campaign
We are also super excited to say that we have been chosen to take the Stage on Wednesday September 30th for the Alberta Boostr Stage Pitch. Grab a ticket, come down for a fun evening, and support Drool in the competition!
-Jennifer Roy