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Summer Money Camps

Summer Money Camp? You bet!

These days, there are a myriad of options for different camps for kids – from filmmaking to flute-playing to science and singing! And within that suite of choices, there are even camps about money! While learning about finances and money may not be the first choice on your child’s summer to-do list, perhaps it should be. Experts and research indicate that young people can benefit from early discussions about money to help build knowledge and skills for the decisions they will face.

We encourage kids to learn about money at any time and one good option to explore is SAIT’s summer camps, Money Master Camps. Or, perhaps your child is a burgeoning entrepreneur who wants to take that lemonade stand to the next level? After all, running a business certainly involves understanding money and how it works; to help with that, check out Rotary Youth Entrepreneurship Camp.

If you just can’t convince the kids to go away to camp, consider setting up your own backyard camp using some of the resources from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, or check out this article about comic books that will sharpen not only your child’s financial literacy skills, but even your own!

Lastly, if you are interested in finding a summer camp that fits your budget, this Calgary’s Child article has some good suggestions.

Happy Camping!

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