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Spring Cleaning with a Fresh Budget

“Spring Cleaning” is a term you might be familiar with when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your home. But why is it that you do spring cleaning? Is it because you feel more relaxed in a clean home? If you are looking for a way to cut down on stress, add “tidying budget” to your Spring Cleaning check list.  Below are examples of a few bills  on most people’s budget that you can try tidying up for yourself.
Cell phone bills—out of all the services/limits that are  included with your phone plan, how many do you actually use? Consider switching to a different plan or get on to a prepaid plan and just use it as you need it. Look at reducing your data plan, if your Internet provider offers you hotspot locations that you can use and set up wifi from your home. Instead of getting that unlimited plan and chatting all the time, consider just making a quick call or text to your friend or family to meet up in person. Rebuild your human connections while saving money.
Long distance plans—we seem to come across fewer and fewer people who were born and raised in Calgary. If you are new to Calgary, look into the different phone providers and plans that may make it cheaper for you to connect with those important people outside of Alberta. Skype or FaceTime are also good and free alternatives if you have an internet connect.
Cable and internet—have become quite ingrained in most of our daily lives and it can easily become one of the expenses you can save on. If you use internet quite often, consider getting rid of cable. For the most part, you can go to the local TV station’s website and stream their content or go to sites like Netflix to watch your favorite shows and movies. If you want to keep cable, look over what you’re actually paying for and get rid of any packages you don’t use. Better yet, you can look can getting rid of cable and internet from your home and start using the free resources in your community, such as going to the Calgary Public Library to use their computer and internet or even borrow the movies they have available instead of ordering things like video on demand.
These are just a few of the ways you can cut back on your entertainment and communication bills, if you can think of any other ideas or devices that will cut back on expenses share them in the comments below.
Also as you’re preparing for Spring Cleaning, check out Cutting Costs on Cleaning Products for some inspirations on making your own cleaning products to help clean your home and your budget.

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