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FREE Education Money: Sign-Up Online

November 17-21st was Education Savings Week across Canada and what better way to celebrate than to get Free Education Money for your children.
Our sister program based in Toronto, SmartSAVER, has come up with a unique and simple way for families to access free government funds for children’s future education, the Canada Learning Bond. We had the pleasure of hosting SmartSAVER in their first ever online sign-up event and, tiny glitches aside, the process went really well!
After a brief introduction into the world of RESPs, participants were given laptops and used the SmartSAVER website to start the process of opening an RESP. Participants chose their language and financial institution of choice, entered their SIN and their child’s SIN and their child’s birthday. And that’s it! Now all that the participants have to do is wait for their financial institute to call them, then go to the bank with their ID and sign the forms and the process is complete.
If you want to start to open an RESP online or would like to learn more, please visit www.smartsaver.org.
A big thanks to Kaila and the team at SmartSAVER for coming to Calgary to test out this wonderful project!