Gaining the confidence to be entrepreneurs

Monika worked hard for 8 years to study to become a licenced Minister. She wanted to pursue a career in that industry, but she couldn’t find the time between her shifts as a bus driver in Calgary. “I thought I could do both,” she says. “I thought I could perform marriage and celebration of life ceremonies in between the other job. But it was hard.”… Read more

Yummi Yogis on fostering connections in Thrive Accelerator

  Thrive is a community leadership initiative of Momentum. Thrive has a strong network of partnerships to reach real people,  create real opportunities and champion real change. Nikki Brule is an alum from the Spring 2018 Accelerator cohort. In her time with this free 16-week program, she’s been able to foster deeper connections within her community and fellow social entrepreneurs, find ways to increase the social… Read more

Planning a Wedding and Staying on Budget

It’s wedding season! It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance of the event and not think about the costs. Here are some tips to keep you on track while on your journey to the altar. Decide on a Budget First, decide what you can afford and stick to it. Here are some ideas on the percentages for some elements of a wedding:… Read more

Building Assets

I am the mother of two boys. They are both adults now, but it wasn’t so long ago they were children. Or it doesn’t seem that long ago anyway. Like all parents I wanted them to have opportunities in their futures. The opportunity to concentrate on school, attend post secondary, get a job. There are many ways my partner and I went about trying to… Read more