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Each of us has the potential to create change. When actualized, this potential becomes a limitless resource of opportunity within our city.

Your donation empowers over 10,000 individuals each year to strengthen their economic, social, and personal well-being through financial empowermententrepreneurship, and employment skills training. Your donation sees the potential of these individuals, realized.

Individuals like Rocio.

Saving is not easy, especially as a single parent of three children – two with special needs. Rocio had just begun to create security for her family when her partner suddenly left, along with her business and the modest earnings she managed to save. No longer able to afford a liter of milk, Rocio’s rent was four months late, and the threat of eviction loomed.

Rocio didn’t quit. Instead, she enrolled in Momentum’s savings program where she learned to organize her finances while Momentum matched her savings.

At Momentum, Rocio found a new community of friends and mentors who supported her on her journey to financial well-being. She learned how to budget, manage her money, and open Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) for her children. She started small, putting away $20 per month.

Rocio shifted to working full time in construction and kept up her saving habit. After 8 years, along with a boost from Momentum, she had saved enough for a down payment and signed the papers to her new  house this past June.

“I didn’t think it would be possible for me, as a single mom with three children, to save enough for a house, but I continued that dream!”

More than half of the money we need to run savings programs like the one Rocio did, comes from the community.

Your investment in this work is an investment in Calgarians, and a revitalized local economy. Thank you.


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