On Demand Money Management Workshops

Manage your money, manage your life!

Learn how to create a budget, pay down your debt, or how the banking system works, from anywhere, anytime. On demand money management workshops puts learning at your fingertips.

Manage your money course: Budgeting
Estimated course time: 45 minutes

Learn about:

  • Your current relationship with money
  • How needs, wants, and spending habits affect your budget
  • How to track your expenses, spend less money, and build your savings
  • How to build a simple budget based on your income and expenses.
Manage your money course: Credit
Estimated course time: 60 minutes

Learn about:

  • How credit works
  • The different forms of credit
  • Billing, payments, and interest
  • Credit reports and credit scores
  • Ways to build or rebuild credit and manage debt.
Manage your money course: Assets
Estimated course time: 45 minutes
  • Discover all the valuable qualities and assets you have in life
  • Learn how to use all your different types of assets to overcome challenges
  • Learn to use your assets to set and meet your life goals
Manage your money course: Banking
Estimated course time: 45 minutes
  • How to select the right bank account for you
  • The different types of financial products available
  • How to use these products safely and efficiently
Manage your money course: Consumerism
Estimated course time: 45 minutes
  • Consumerism and advertising influence your spending
  • To control consumerism and spend less money
  • To make informed decisions about your purchases
Manage your money course: Educations Savings
Estimated course time: 15 minutes
  • What government money is available for your child’s education after high school
  • How a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) works
  • How to open an RESP



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