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Feeling stressed out by money is normal when you’re dealing with mental health or addiction challenges. We created Money Matters because we understand financial troubles can cause unneeded stress when people are on the road to recovery. Together, we can improve your money management skills and reduce money-related stress.

Money Matters is a partnership between Momentum, YWCA Calgary, The Alex and Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) that provides financial literacy support and services to individuals living with mental health or addiction challenges.

If you are struggling with mental health or addiction challenges, while dealing with financial struggles, join our free Money Matters Workshops below.

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Upcoming Dates
Workshops are two hours, once a week for seven weeks. To get the most out of Money Matters, it is preferred you attend every session.
October 27 – December 8, Wednesdays, 1PM – 3PM

Financial Education
Momentum facilitators deliver a series of seven workshops hosted by various organizations within the Calgary health community. We work with organizations to ensure our programming is delivered at the right time for those on the road to recovery.

Financial Administration
The Financial Administrator from The Alex, YW Calgary and CJHS offers one-on-one participant-directed support to individuals who find it difficult to manage their finances on their own.

Participants in this program experience positive changes in their lives, including:

  • Increased financial stability.
  • Increased mental wellness and improved ability to manage addiction.
  • Maintained housing and supported in feeling more independent.
  • Decreased feelings of social isolation.

If you work for an agency and would like to book Money Matters workshops for participants call 403-204-2687 or email

If you or someone you know is not facing mental health or addictions challenges, but would still like to access our money management programs, Matched Savings For Adults might be a great program to explore!

Two hours once a week, for seven weeks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the Money Matters program?

The Money Matters program is a financial empowerment program living with cognitive, mental health or addiction challenges. The program is presented as a series of seven workshops (Budgeting 1 and 2, Assets, Banking, Credit, Debt Management, Consumerism)

There is also one-on-one support that is available to those who need it.

Do you need a doctor's note?

No. You can apply without consulting with anyone. However, if you are currently working with a support worker or a clinician, they are more than welcome to join your sessions.

Is it free?

The Money Matters program is a free program for anyone living with mental health and addiction concerns.

Upcoming Events
Online Money Matters Workshop Series – October Start

October 27, 2021

Are you struggling with mental health issues and also struggling to manage your finances? Join our Money Matters Workshop online. This is a safe space for you to learn all about managing your money. Workshops are two hours, once a week for seven weeks. To get the most out of Money Matters, it is preferred you attend every session. Schedule: Wednesday, October 27 - Budgeting 1: What's your Money Personality? Wednesday, November 3 - Budgeting 2: Learn to Tell Money Where to Go Wednesday, November 10 - Assets: Discovering Your True Wealth Wednesday, November 17 - Banking: Understanding Your Options Wednesday, November 24 - Credit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Wednesday, December 1 - Debt Management: Yes, there is a way Wednesday, December 8 - Consumerism: Moving Towards Simplicity

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