Virtual Money Management Workshops

Manage your money, manage your life. Learn about budgeting, assets, banking, credit, debt management, and consumerism in a virtual classroom.

The curriculum in these workshops is focused on providing the knowledge and resources to help you develop a sustainable livelihood.

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Sign up for as few or as many workshops as you’d like. Participants who attend all five workshops (Assets, Banking, Consumerism, Budgeting and Credit) will earn a certificate of completion.

Workshop Descriptions

Budgeting: Control your money

  • Understand the differences between needs and wants 
  • Learn how needs and wants affects your spending habits
  • Learn to track your expenses
  • Learn to put together a budget

Banking: Be a smart bank customer

  • Learn about your banking options
  • Learn how to select the right account for you
  • Understand the different types of financial products available
  • Learn how to use these products and services safely and efficiently

Assets: Build your future

  • Discover all the valuable qualities and things you have in life
  • Learn how to use all your different types of assets to overcome challenges you face

Credit: Take charge of it

  • Learn about the different types of credit products and how to use them wisely
  • Learn ways to pay down your debt
  • Get resources as to where you can turn for help

Consumerism: Decide for yourself

  • Become more aware of the impact consumerism and advertising has on your spending
  • Learn about alternatives to consumerism


If you need any support with the courses please email us or phone 403-204-2664 for help.

You can take these courses and learn at your own pace, anytime! Our money management workshops are available on demand.

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Upcoming Events
Virtual Money Management Workshop: Banking

December 13, 2021

In this two hour workshop you will learn all of your banking options and how to select the right account for you. You will understand the different types of financial products available and how to use these products and services safely and efficiently. Join us on zoom!

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