Part-Time Self Employment program

If you’re not quite ready to start a full-time business, our Part-Time Self Employment program is designed to help you learn the essentials of running a business part-time. During this program, we will cover topics such as developing entrepreneurial mindsets, business modeling, financial modeling, marketing, sales, and resilience.

This program is designed for individuals facing social or economic barriers, who are looking to create meaningful work through self-employment. It also serves those who are looking to supplement their income, or grow their business slowly.

Participants will develop basic financial and marketing plans, and will work closely with classmates to explore the benefits of an entrepreneurial community. Through this work, participants will develop relationships with stakeholders, test business assumptions, and take their first steps out into the small business community.

Classes run twice a week for 12 weeks, and participants will have 12 weeks of additional support through biweekly educational meetups and business coaching. By the end of 24 weeks with us, the goal is to see participants’ businesses operating with active sales. Once program outcomes are completed, graduates may apply for up to $5000 in Momentum’s Micro Business Loans.

6 months
Learn the skills

  • Learn how to successfully operate a business
  • Develop marketing and sales skills
  • Develop money management skills
  • Develop goal setting and decision-making skills
Do you qualify?

  • You experience barriers to meaningful employment
  • You are living on a low income or are seeking financial independence
  • You have a realistic business idea and are ready to start your business while in the program
  • You are available to attend classes twice a week
  • You are coachable, committed, and ready to start your business!
  • Please note there is no Alberta Income Support or Employment Insurance Support for this program
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