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The Power of Contribution

Cristina Lopez is VP Corporate Development at PrairieSky Royalty and a proud financial contributor to Momentum.

My parents immigrated to Canada from Spain in the 1960s. They came for the same reason most people do—and, it wasn’t for the seven months of winter. They came and decided to stay because of the opportunities here.
They worked hard, long hours. My father is in his 70s now and the habit of 14-hour days hasn’t left him yet. This was a time when banks were charging interest rates of 15 percent and higher, so setting up a new business was difficult, especially for an immigrant. But they had some support, they were lucky, and their hard work paid off.

“I live for those Momentum stories, those success stories. They illustrate what my dollars are doing.”
– Cristina Lopez

The stories I hear from Momentum’s participants remind me of my parents’ story. I hear stories of people who think about their children’s futures, who are willing to work tirelessly and who may just need a little help along the way. They are extremely motivated to succeed. I support Momentum because it enables people to use that motivation to fulfill their dreams.
What’s important for me is the chance to make an impact. I’ve been really fortunate. I have had a lot of support that has led to lots of opportunities. I’m grateful that I can afford to help others have similar opportunities.
I think of Momentum as a “teach-a-man-to-fish” organization. It doesn’t simply give people handouts to make a temporary difference in their situations. Instead, it uses the best practices of Community Economic Development and pays attention both to the economic bottom line and to the very important process of building community and reducing isolation. The social aspect of their work is crucial.
Momentum’s vision about how to build economic and social resilience is backed up by consistent, measurable successes. Their programs are well-rounded and well-executed, resulting in participants getting what they need. They graduate with tools, skills and self-worth and, just as important, they establish a support network.
I don’t direct the dollars I give. It’s not that I don’t care how my donations are used or that I don’t pay attention. On the contrary, it’s that I’ve learned to trust Momentum’s ability to execute its vision in the way that works best.
I choose Momentum because its values echo my own: Working toward a better future for the next generation, building a supportive community, and believing that everyone deserves a chance.
My siblings and I inherited our parents’ work ethic and we recognize that they worked and still work hard so that they could provide us with a better life. And they succeeded. I contribute to Momentum to help other parents who feel the same way. It’s a great return on investment.

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