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November is Financial Literacy Month!

This year, Financial Literacy Month is centered around "Managing Your Money in a Changing World". We're here to support with a whole month of programs and resources.

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Thu Nov 2, 2023 by Momentum Staff

We've got an interactive calendar full of opportunities to refresh and strengthen your financial literacy. View and download the full calendar HERE, and see highlights below!

Nov 4th to 10th

The Immigrant Education Society - RESP Sign-Up Event - call 587-392-4177 and see calendar for details!

Nov 9th

For coaches and program facilitators: Register for Momentum's RESP Facilitator Training Program.

Nov 14th

CARYA: Recognizing and Avoiding Investment Scams. Call 403-536-6558 to register!

Register for Momentum's Money Management Workshops throughout November.

Nov 15th

Register for Momentum and ATB's Webinar, One Step Closer to Home Ownership.

Nov 16th

For coaches and program facilitators: Register for Momentum's Financial Literacy Training.

CIWA: RESP Sign Up Event! Call 403-263-4414 for details.

Nov 22nd

CARYA: Top Frauds in 2022 for Savvy Consumers - call 403-536-6558 to register!

Nov 30th

Register for the online webinar - The Immigrant Education Society: Housing Crisis in Calgary, Homeownership and Steps for Newcomers.

View all events and registration details in the full, interactive calendar HERE. Happy Financial Literacy Month!