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Nicole’s Story

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Words that come to mind to describe Nicole: kind, driven, funny, and authentic. She’s the type of person that it’s easy to get to know because she emanates honesty, openness and caring. But Nicole has not had an easy life.
Facing abuse and poverty throughout her childhood, she struggled with addiction and didn’t finish high school. After starting her own family she had to count pennies to buy milk and rely on the local food bank to supply nutritious food. With living in poverty came a sense a hopelessness.
But Nicole wasn’t going to let that hopelessness get the best of her. She started by taking a money management workshop at Momentum. With a new understanding of her finances she started to build the confidence to start her own business. She had a dream. A dream of being her own boss, of creating job opportunities for her neighbours, and of setting an example for her children.
Nicole joined the Women’s Venture Program and launched Royal Ambassador Professional Services offering cleaning services to residential, commercial and post-construction clients. Since launching her business she has already met her goals of employing her neighbours and setting an example for her kids. She has also successfully ended the cycle of poverty for her family, and works hard every day to ensure that her children have opportunities she didn’t have in her youth.
It’s thanks to the support of organizations like the Canadian Women’s Foundation that Momentum can offer the programs that allow people to achieve their potential and reach their dreams.
Congratulations Nicole, on all of your successes so far. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

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