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Momentum Partners with Gateway

Momentum is proud to announce a new partnership with Gateway, a collaboration between Calgary-based organizations who serve newcomers and aim to make their transition to their new home a seamless and enriching experience.

Gateway’s mission is to be a guide “to help each newcomer through their unique journey, connecting them to the right service at the right agency every time, thus helping unleash their economic, social and civic potential.” Sound familiar? At Momentum, we believe everybody has a contribution to make to society and work with people living on low incomes and partners in our community to create a thriving local economy for all. This mission alignment makes our new partnership such a natural fit.

Tangibly, what this partnership means is untangling the web of programs available for newcomers to ensure they are getting the best referral possible in a timely manner. We know newcomers often have urgent needs that our programs aren’t intended for, and Gateway gives us a venue to refer them to the right organization the first time around.

“I had a caller who wanted to get into our automotive/heavy-duty program,” says Lorraine Koop, Momentum’s Intake Coordinator. “Knowing he may be on a waitlist with us for this program, I encouraged him to contact the Alberta Apprenticeship board to clarify other ways of getting indentured. I also explained the amazing Gateway intake system for developing a personalized plan for www.warassehat.com. The relief and amazement in this man’s voice at all this info was very gratifying.”

On the other side, we’ve also seen referrals in to our programs, meaning mean more people building strong savings habits with our Matched Savings for Adults and Matched Savings for Youth programs, as well as getting a head start in their careers in our Trades Training programs.

In the end, this partnership is a step in building a strong network of referrals across the city, and we’re looking forward to this network growing, ensuring newcomers have an easier time getting settled in and can start their new lives sooner.

If you’re interested to learn more about Gateway, their services, or to partner with them, visit gatewayconnects.ca

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