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Building Momentum in BC

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There’s a game we used to play as teenagers where one person would say a word and the other person would respond with the first word or phrase that came to mind. In addition to being a good way to pass time between classes, this word association game demonstrates a phenomenon that happens to all of us. Associating words, concepts or items is just a natural thing our brains do in order to help us remember. As someone who regularly talks to people about Momentum I have learned that there are many associations people automatically make around aspects of our work.
For example, when I say financial literacy, a number of things may come to mind for you. You may think budgeting, banking, spending or savings but how many of you would think of financial literacy as an essential skill?
Here at Momentum we know that financial literacy is an essential skill that all people should have. And, we’ve seen first-hand what happens when individuals learn the skills behind financial literacy. Since launching our Financial Literacy department over 15 years ago we have delivered workshops to over 20,000 people. We have seen participants build sustainable budgets, open savings accounts, learn to identify the difference between a need and a want and gain confidence.
The last few years we have been training around 4,000 people in financial literacy each year. That’s 4,000 people a year who are gaining confidence, learning to budget and save and are working towards better lives for themselves. And, that’s pretty amazing. But, we know that there are many more people in Calgary and throughout Canada that could benefit from gaining financial literacy. It is, after all, an essential skill that many of us haven’t quite mastered.
The problem is, Momentum only has so many staff members and so much time to offer training. So, in 2007 we started to train staff from other organizations to deliver our Financial Literacy Curriculum to their participants. Since 2007, more than 95 organizations have completed Momentum’s Financial Literacy Curriculum training. These organizations have in turn trained over 7,500 individuals in financial literacy. That’s almost 1,000 additional people each year being trained!
One of the organizations that is delivering Momentum’s Financial Literacy Curriculum to its participants in Metro Up in Kelowna, BC. They’ve recently posted a video on their website talking about the success of the program and highlighting the success of one of their participants. Check out the Metro Up video testimonial (you can even see them flipping through a copy of Momentum’s Financial Literacy Curriculum!) to see how people in BC are gaining Momentum and learning an essential skill.
If you work for an organization that is interested in delivering financial literacy to your participants, you can find details on Momentum’s website.