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Momentum FAQs

At our AGM in May we collected questions from members, participants (past and present) and the community what they would like to know about Momentum. We asked Carolyn Davis, Community Engagement Director, her thoughts on these.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Programs, approaches, or community engagement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

What is Momentum? What is your elevator pitch?

Momentum is a Calgary-based change-making organization that combines social and economic strategies to reduce poverty. We use a holistic approach that covers financial literacy, entrepreneurship and skills training, plus developing personal skills such as communication and self-confidence. At Momentum, everything we do is grounded in a community economic development model, which means we work with individuals, businesses and systems to build a more inclusive economy.

Describe Momentum in one word.

Grit. Our participants, staff and volunteers all bring passion and perseverance to every task they take on.

What makes Momentum different from any other service provider in Alberta/Canada?

There are no clients at Momentum. We only work with participants—people who see themselves as an integral part of the change they want to make in their own life. Staff walk alongside participants in a relationship of equality and respect.

What is the direction that Momentum sees themselves going in in the next ten years?

Our “What We Do” page does a great job of answering this. Check out the strategic direction video and one-pager!

How many partners does Momentum have?

Momentum worked with 313 different organizations in 2018. Of these, 38 are formal partnerships. It would be simply impossible to achieve the impact we do without this vibrant network of agencies, churches, schools and collaboratives.
Thank you to all our partners!

What is the Momentum logo?

Our logo is a stylized image meant to evoke three petals or seedlings reaching toward the sun. I find this image to be hopeful—a reminder that through our own striving and the support of outside forces, we can all grow, change and achieve our goals.

Why is Momentum blue? What are Momentum’s branding colours and why? What is the colour psychology behind it?

I looked through our archive and didn’t find a definitive answer to this. What do you think of our colours? Let us know at community@momentum.org

What are the characteristics of a successful Momentum graduate?

The broad test to determine if a Momentum program is right for someone is: Are they Ready, Willing, and Able? What this means can vary from program to program.

Has there been a change in the type of participants who come to Momentum?

At the beginning, in 1991, we only had programming for immigrants and Indigenous people, and we only offered trades training. Now we have 16 different programs with a wide variety of goals. Whether you are a youth curious about jobs in tech, a newcomer interested in buying a home, or a parent with a business idea, we have something for you.

How many successful businesses have been launched at Momentum?

We’ve been running business programming for almost 25 years and worked with over 10,000 participants during that time! Last year, participants launched 62 businesses and 90% were still operating 90 days after launch.

How much money has Momentum paid out in matched savings?

Over the years we’ve paid out over $4 million in matched savings dollars.

What is the most common asset that people purchase or use their money for at Momentum?

Last year the most common asset people purchased was education for themselves.