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Michael has Momentum

Michael Odetola is funny and inquisitive. When you meet him, you can’t help but smile. Michael is a Momentum alumnus and volunteer and his story, like him, will make you smile.

I came to Momentum sometime in March 2011 to ascertain the facts. There were a few folks out there who seemed genuinely convinced that the first place any migrant in Calgary should go after landing was Momentum. It was based upon this third party enthusiasm that I resolved to pay Momentum a visit in order to separate facts from fiction.
It was in the afternoon. I walked into the reception and was introduced to a lady who answered all my questions and immediately set the ball rolling. I went through the vetting process including a preliminary test in Maths and English and was registered for the Heavy Equipment Mechanic [Trades Training] class.
The classes were fun. The atmosphere was always related and the Momentum staff have such a positive disposition towards their job that they exuded a kind of confidence in the program that everyone, in my opinion, felt they were ordained to be there at that particular time and for that particular purpose. The most beautiful thing I noticed about Momentum was its people. They worked as a team. Demonstrated a high level of professionalism in their different fields and were always willing to go beyond and above in order to achieve good results.
I finished my training and from there went to SAIT for my pre-apprenticeship training and from there to Greatwest Kenworth for my work experience. Momentum had all well wrapped up for every member of my heavy equipment class and all of us went through these processes and some of our colleagues and friends are still working and progressing in these places ’til now.
I went ahead from Greatwest Kenworth to work for the Canadian Pacific Railway as a trainee in heavy duty equipment. I joined C.P.R. in February 2012 and I am still there now. Thanks to Momentum.
Do you want a fresh start? Or have you always had a flair for something apart from what you are doing presently or are you just outrightly in the cold like I was before I came to Momentum? Or are you just PLAIN CURIOUS as I was when I came to Momentum? Satisfy your curiosity and get the answers you want. Come to Momentum today!

Michael certainly is a good salesman! This might have something to do with his current enrollment in ABCs for Small Business, or maybe he enrolled because he knew he was a natural. I don’t know about you, but I really want to go to Momentum (or visit www.momentum.org) to learn more!