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Meal-Share: growing communities, wallets and happy bellies!

It’s probably one of those things you know you should be doing more of. You know it’ll save you money and you know it’s better for your health. It’s a good skill to have and yet, sometimes the thought of doing it more seems daunting. Cooking….actually, cooking for yourself—just you.
You could batch cook; freeze some for later or eat the same meal all week until you’re absolutely sick of it! You could eat out but that certainly takes a toll on the wallet. So what’s one to do? Enter meal sharing.
A few Sunday’s past, an awesomely bright-hearted buddy of mine decided to host a sharing cook-off, inviting us each to cook something enough for four people and then to share it amongst each other.
“Well that seems kind of awesome!” I thought, “and really simple and I’ll get a bunch of meals out of it?” Um, yes please, I’m in!
So away we went and prepped for our dishes, Tupperware containers in tow, we then portioned out meals to share for the week. We enjoyed one of the prepared meals together over a lovely Sunday evening dinner and were set to take on the week with some hearty and healthy meals.
If you’re looking to save money, eat out less, connect with friends/neighbors, practice your culinary skills and feel efficient and healthy doing it, then arrange your own meal-share!

  • Gather some friends
  • Pick a day for the exchange
  • Pick a (different) recipe each
  • Cook it and share it
  • Enjoy an evening meal together; and then
  • Repeat when you run out of meals!

Invite others in for the fun too—each meal share, have a guest join in for the experience! Tell your neighbors about it, they may gladly welcome the help and the company.
Have you hosted your own meal-share? How did it go? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.
Oh and don’t forget to say thank you to the rad friend who hosted you!
Happy sharing,

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