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Matched savings paving the way to homeownership for this single dad

Picture of a man with a child on the outside of a house

As a single father, Sean wants to build the best life possible for his son. And as challenges keep coming their way one after the other, he is more determined than ever to do just that.

After his son was born and Sean had fought for custody, he began paying for the cost of childcare. This financial burden was challenging and costly for the single father, so the only thing he could do was work to pay off the expenses.

As the proud owner of a small business, Sean worked for years on house exteriors throughout Calgary. There is no denying the passion that Sean had for his work, but when he took a nasty fall and broke his arm, things got more difficult.

“I was working so much, and I took those falls and tried to keep going,” says Sean.

But after a second injury where a pole fell on him at work, crushing his neck and tailbone, his once dangerous job became a nearly impossible task. Unable to work since 2019, it was the determination to provide for his young son that kept his spirits alive.

After seeing an ad for Momentum in a social services office in 2020, Sean was excited about the possibility of learning how to improve his saving habits and personal finances, and so decided to give it a go and apply for Momentum’s matched savings program.

Through Momentum, Sean learned far more than he had expected. He learned to save and not only start a bank account for himself, but also for his son. His inspiration to do more, not only for himself but for his son, has also motivated him to open multiple savings accounts and plan for a future for the two of them.

“I want my son to know that saving is a good idea,” says Sean. “[My son] sees the money growing and things getting better for us, and he sees me less stressed out and happier. It helps him feel stronger, and me feel stronger too.”

Sean’s newfound savings skills and longtime hard work means he is closer and more optimistic about building a stable future for his son. But his goals don’t stop there. With each dollar that he saves, Sean grows closer to achieving his dream of buying a trailer home, one that he can eventually pay off in his son’s name. “I know we can do it,” he says.

His motivation to conquer the challenges that have been thrown his way has pushed him closer towards his ultimate goal. “We don’t feel empty,” he says. “We saved for what we hoped and dreamed for. And it worked.”

Are you ready to start learning and saving? Join us for an informational session on our matched savings programs.