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Make Your Own Costume

Halloween is just over a week away and that means every retailer—from grocery stores to pharmacies—have a selection of costumes for you to choose from. But, have you ever noticed that some of the greatest costumes are ones that are handmade and not something someone bought pre-packaged?
Are you planning to dress up in a costume this Halloween? Do you know what, or who, you are going to dress up as? Have you considered making your costume yourself? Halloween is a great opportunity to spend time with your family or friends getting the creative juices flowing with all the different ideas or characters you can create.
Here are some ways you can get creative this Halloween:

  1. Inspirations and ideas from hobbies and popular culture: Having trouble thinking of costume ideas? Make a list of characters from comics you’ve read, TV shows you like or movies you’ve watched. Which characters would be fun to dress up as? Which would be easier or harder to make yourself?
  2. Dig through your closet or borrow from a friend: After you decide on your character, think about the clothes you already own or could borrow as well as tools or props you could use to make your costume. For example, if you decided to be Russell from the movie “Up,” you would need a backpack, a pair of khaki shorts, a yellow shirt and hat which you might already have in your closet! Then you might need to make or borrow a sash and some buttons and you’re done! Well, maybe it’s not THAT simple, but it’s pretty close.
  3. Give yourself time to put your costume together: Good costumes take time to create. You will need to give yourself time to find the pieces that you have at home, pick any extras up from friends, maybe buy a couple of small props and then put it all together. Plus, if you are going to use special effects make-up, you should practice applying it in advance so it looks just right on Halloween.

There is still time this year to make yourself or someone a costume that will amaze others as well as yourself!
Have you ever made your own costume? Are you planning to this year? What has been the most rewarding part of making a costume over buying one from a store?