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Local Economy innovators win big at Calgary Nonprofit Innovation Awards

Friends of the local economy, rejoice! Two community economic development pioneers have won 2014 Calgary Nonprofit Innovation Awards, and Momentum couldn’t be more excited.
Life in Calgary is better because of the Calgary Tool Library and the REAP Business Association. Here’s why:

  1. You know longer have to own, store and repair tools. With your Calgary Tool Library membership, you get access to hundreds of tools, and they only take up space on your property when you actually need them. Also? Hanging out in a community tool shed is way more fun than sitting in your garage by yourself.
  2. You can connect to over a hundred locally owned, sustainable businesses in a single click. And if your business fits the criteria, membership in REAP provides an instant values-aligned network, and a bounty of options for localizing your supply chain. With REAP, being green is easier than ever. It would take a decade to develop these connections on your own.

Both initiatives were brought to life by determined social entrepreneurs who also happen to be graduates of the Simon Fraser University Community Economic Development certificate program, hosted in Calgary by the Thrive network in 2014. Courtney Hare and Stephanie Jackman would be quick to say that their successes are shared by a broad network of dedicated local economy champions- residents, businesses, non-profit partners and funders. They might even judge their success by how many people feel more connected to their city because of the Tool Library and REAP. I estimate that number to be in the thousands.
Momentum sends fond congratulations to all Tool Team members, and to the whole REAP family on well-deserved recognition.
Anyone can join the Calgary Tool Library. REAP membership might be for you if you own a local business or lead a Calgary-based non-profit organization.
*I’m proud to play a role in both the Calgary Tool Library, as an occasional librarian, and the REAP Business Association as a board member.

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