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Learn to Save, Save to Learn

Courtney testimonial Momentum Savings Challenge

Courtney is now a saver. She is paying her way through school and saving money towards some personal savings goals. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Courtney had a challenging relationship with money. Her parents were frugal when she was growing up and emphasized the importance of savings, but Courtney confesses that it made her feel a bit bitter. She didn’t have nicer things growing up, so when she started making her own money, she would buy what she wanted because she felt she deserved it.

“I spent so much money on frivolous things. I went and spent money on a sportscar because I thought why not? I was paying so much money for a 1-bedroom apartment, I racked up so much credit card debt and I didn’t care. My money wasn’t going towards paying that off, the money was going towards nice things because I didn’t have them when I was a kid,” Courtney says.

Then Courtney found Momentum and enrolled in the Fair Gains program.

Fair Gains encourages participants to save money while they attend a series of workshops to build knowledge and skills to manage their money. The savings that participants build over the twelve-month program are then matched at a ratio of 3-1.

The money that Courtney saved in the program drastically changed her relationship with money. She started to understand that she was house and car poor, and it was stopping her from accomplishing bigger goals. With her savings she managed to pay for her first year in school where she is studying to be a mechanic and she confesses that if she hadn’t saved her money, school would not have been an option at all.

“What I was doing just wasn’t working. I was in this perpetual state of wondering how other people go on trips, and do all these nice things? And why can’t I?”

Courtney now knows how to save her money to work towards her goals. She wants to finish school and take a trip next year, something she would not have imagined before she came to Momentum. She is taking the Momentum Savings Challenge on the QUBER app to boost her savings even more.

“I wanted to start the Challenge because I was going to save regardless. I can save and make extra money. It’s helping to move me towards my goal.”

Are you ready to save your money to get a boost? Join the Momentum Savings Challenge on the QUBER app. You can also enroll in our matched savings programs!

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