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Learn from your Competitors

Your competitor is your new best friend. You just don’t know it yet.
Experts from the Canadian Business Network reveal all the good things that you can learn from your competitors.
The article goes into a lot more detail, but trust that established competitors can be a significant asset for you. They’ve already faced all the struggles that lay ahead of your business, so use them to your advantage. Research your competitors and find out everything you can. Great areas to focus on include details about their most common customers, pricing and promotional strategies that they use, policies and guarantees they stand behind and even how their businesses are branded.
Additionally, competitors can even become a source of referrals or guidance, so get to know them well. Leaders in any industry will be confident in what they offer and tend to have more business than they can manage. They are eager to see others succeed in their field and will often make referrals when they are too busy, because after all, a strong referral is just another form of good customer service.
Long story short – Get to know your competitors. It could be the best thing you ever do for your business.

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