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Launching a new coaching based program for entrepreneurs

Design Your Business is perfect for social entrepreneurs.

It’s been a bustling season at Momentum. This year has brought forward all kinds of interesting and new challenges and opportunities for our participants, and we in turn are stepping up to offer innovative and responsive support. In this spirit, we’re thrilled to have launched the Design Your Business program – a brand new, coaching based program, aimed to support entrepreneurs to design businesses that serve their own needs, the environment, and community, both now and into the future. 

We caught up with Meredith Perich, a coach and facilitator in the program, to ask a few questions and to find out more. 

Fill us in on some of the details of the program.  

Design Your Business is a 12-week program that guides participants through planning and modeling their business. The program matches participants with a coach, who supports them in working with design tools, through self-reflection exercises, and encouraging hands-on learning experiences. Our goal in the program is to develop sustainable businesses, as well as entrepreneurs who have strong competencies to lead them. 

What were the reasons for creating the Design Your Business program? 

In the wake of all that has happened this year, we needed to take a fresh look at how we can best serve Calgary’s future and current business community. We learned a lot through that exploration, including getting a better understanding of all the different pathways a person might take on their journey in business. 

Design Your Business allows us to respond to these journeys in a way that is customized, flexible, and highly personal. The Self Employment program at Momentum is focused on the journey one takes as a solo-preneur, creating a job for themselves through their business. Design Your Business allows us to work effectively with those participants looking to design a business separate from themselves – something that requires much different discovery, modeling, and design. We’re also excited to be launching a program that challenges participants to think of themselves not only as beneficiaries of their business, but also as having the agency to create positive community benefits through their business. 

How is it going so far? 

We’re about halfway through the pilot phase of the program and it’s going well so far! We’re excited to learn alongside participants and to be using new tools to achieve even greater results for entrepreneurs. 

Who are you looking for and how can they get involved? 

We’re looking for entrepreneurs, or teams of entrepreneurs who want to design a sustainable business. This business could be an idea that has only recently been tested, or a business that is already established and is now looking to grow or transition into something else. Regardless, to be successful in the program, participants need to be self-motivated and open to exploring themselves and their business. 

Anyone interested should reach out! We’re always accepting applications. They can call 403-204-2657 or click here for more details.

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