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When the Dollar can’t be Stretched any Further

The amount of money we each earn is limited, so we all want to get the most we can from every dollar. But what happens when you cannot bring your bills or expenses down anymore? How can you make your money go further? Sometimes people can increase their income to solve this issue, but this takes time and patience; re-training or going back to school, and is not always possible. Here are some ways to get creative with on increasing your income:

  1. Develop or acquire additional skills—adding to your skill set could increase the amount of money you make because it may give you an opportunity to shine at work, impress in a job interview, or otherwise open new doors. Groups like Toastmasters allow you to develop public speaking skills and widen your network at the same time.
  2. Start your own side business—Are you creative? Do you have a great product or service idea? Why not explore it further and go into business for yourself? Check out Momentum’s Business Development programs for more information.
  3. Build your network—being able to connect with a variety of people and maintaining good relationships is very important. These are the people that will help keep an eye out on job opportunities. Be sure to tell them what kind of job you’re looking for. You can expand your networks by attending events, volunteering in your community or getting involved in different groups. Meetup.com offers various interest groups that meet regularly.
  4. Work on becoming the best “You”—we all have certain qualities that attract people to us, and make us unique. What makes you unique? What special gifts or talents do you have to offer the world? You can earn more by being your unique, talented self either at work or by starting your own business.
  5. Sell the things you no longer want or need—if you want to make a bit more money an easy way may be to sell off some of your belongings that you no longer use. You may not get as much money as you originally spent, but it’s better than keeping it just to have it taking up space!

Remember, we all have a lot of assets within ourselves and around us. Learn to be the best you can be and be creative. Think outside of the box and focus on the solutions and you will get there!