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How to budget for post-secondary

Are you just starting or continuing your journey in the post-secondary world? It can seem overwhelming at times but having a budget and a sense of financial literacy can help lessen that stress.  

Apply for scholarships

This tip is often talked about but can be left in the dust amongst the back-to-school rush. Scholarships are a great way to build up your savings and make the most of your post-secondary experience. There are many ways to acquire a scholarship, whether it be from an organization in your community, an online scholarship bank, or from the school itselfA helpful tip is to apply to any scholarship that you qualify for, because depending on the number of entries, you might just get it! 

Take advantage of the programs at your school

Most post-secondary schools have a wealth of tools and resources that students can access for financial assistance. These programs can range from a free breakfast in the student lounge to financial coaching and health benefits. These are also a great way to connect with the community and make friends in a new environment. Make sure to check out your school’s website or access the student center when you are on campus to learn more. 

Buy used textbooks instead of new

This is not only a great way to stick to your budget, but it also helps other students by purchasing their used materials. Buying new textbooks can get pricey and add up fast, so there are many resources that you can access to find used materials. Check out some online marketplaces, school bulletins, or even a friend to see how you can save money on materials for all of your classes. You never know what you might find! 

Bring your coffee from home

Sometimes those late-night study sessions can be a drag, and that extra boost from a cup of coffee can go a long way. This tip might seem simple, but it can impact your savings a lot. A helpful way to reduce your spending and stick to your budget can be to use the coffee and snacks that you have at home. Buying coffee and food on campus can get pricey and add up, so even if you think you won’t need extra study snacks, bring them just in case. 

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